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About this Event 

The Full Story

This symposium was created to immerse the participant in the intricate world of

Trigeminal Nerve Injuries (TNI).

Day 1

The symposium starts with Dr. Juan Carlos Hilera refreshing basic concepts starting with the Fundamentals of Peripheral Nerve Surgery giving the participant a review of Anatomy, Physiology, Classification of Nerve Injuries, Assessment for Nerve Recovery followed by a lecture by Dr. Arthur Vallejo on Principles in Oral and Maxilofacial Surgery emphasizing on how to prevent trigeminal nerve injuries with tips and tricks and how to avoid possible traps and complications.

Anesthesiologist Dr. Maria Gemma Vallejo will also participate presenting a lecture on non surgical management and therapies for the treatment of Trigeminal Nerve Injuries.

**The Welcome Reception on the Evening of Day 1 promises to break the ice and give some opportunity to network, meet and greet other participants and speakers.**


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Day 2

Following the concept of preventing and preserving the integrity of the Inferior alveolar nerve (IAN) in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Dr. Carlos Alberto Ruiz will show and delight us with a lecture about his experience with almost 400 cases of sagittal split osteotomy (Orthognathic Surgery) using the Bone Scalpel. As a special addition to the symposium Dr. Carlos Ruiz will demonstrate the use of the bone scalpel for a Mandibular lateral window approach to access the IAN in a pig mandible. Dr. Thomas Sarna will follow elaborating on Orthognatic Surgery Techniques and Osteotomies to avoid nerve injuries and preserve the IAN.

Adding excitement to our symposium and with great pleasure we have the opportunity to have Dr. John Zuniga to lecture about the Application and Interpretation of Magnetic Resonance Neuroradiography (MRN) in Trigeminal Nerve Injuries/Disorders, followed by the advances and new evidence on the sensory and special sensory recovery using nerve allografts for repair. Dr. Alvaro Rodriguez Closes the scientific lecture sessions of Day 2 lecturing us on the Design and Creation of a custom device for access to an injured IAN.

Hands On #1: (Please Bring Your Lap Top Computer)

Dr. Alvaro Rodriguez has prepared a Digital Hands On Lab that will guide the participant on how to create a custom made device that will aid for a guided lateral/buccal window approach to a "injured IAN". You will digitally create the splint yourself and have the file ready to be 3D Printed.

**Dinner with all the participants at the Vital OMS House our main Sponsor for this Symposium


Miloro Hands On.png

Day 3

For the Grand Finale Dr. Michael Miloro has prepared a Scientific Lecture that will focus on Best Practices for the Treatment of Trigeminal Nerve Injuries and Nerve Repair in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery followed by a Hands On Laboratory.

Hands On Laboratory (Please bring your surgical loupes)

Each Participant will have the opportunity to dissect and hone their surgical skills on surgical management and nerve repair techniques using the (Sciatic Nerve Chicken Thigh model).


Closing Social Event Catamaran Sunset Cruise


This event was created with attention to serious academic level but also giving you the time to explore and enjoy my One Happy Island,


- Dr. Arthur Vallejo DDS Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeon, Noord, Aruba

Social Events

Finding a good balance between Scientific Lectures and Hands On Labs but also giving ample time for Social Networking and Relaxing Beach Time is Imperative.

*Welcome Reception


*Dinner Event

*Catamaran Sunset Cruise Event

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